There must be a better care alternative

I'm proud to be an American -- and I want to stay that way!


After hearing some aspects of the new health-care bill, I am angry, disappointed, shocked, hurt, worried and afraid. To think that our own people who work for us -- the same people that we have elected to represent us -- may turn around, fine us, deem us as criminals and put us in jail for not having health insurance.

What is the reason for this situation? Could it be fraudulent claims? Could it be non-U.S. citizens getting free care? There has got to be a more logical fix! If someone had told me this was possible in my lifetime, I would not have believed them.

It is not by choice that I don't carry health insurance. I believe I am one of the many people who choose to pay their bills on time, live within their means and can't mathematically afford to have this high cost in their budgets. Do lawmakers actually believe that people would not rather have peace of mind knowing they are covered if they become ill? When I lay down at night and can't sleep, I would definitely rather not have to worry about this issue, but I do.

In my case, while managing a car dealership, health insurance was part of my salary. When I was no longer employed, I kept my insurance and paid for it out of my pocket. After the monthly premium went from $220 to $330 and my savings were depleted, being unemployed, I had no choice but to drop it. In my case, thank God, I never filed a claim.

I know there can be other options besides fines and imprisonment for those who cannot afford health insurance.

Please, people, if you feel this way, tell someone! I am a nobody, but I have a voice!

Tammy Moore, Lincolnton



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