Strive harder to help the unborn

Recent letters to the editor have been written by Jewell Pullen ("Show some compassion for the born," Sept. 30) and Niki Waller ("Banning abortion won't change much," Oct. 2), charging that pro-life advocates had no concern for the "born" and what will become of them if they live.


I readily admit to being one of the many "pro-life extremists" who stand in front of abortion clinics holding crosses or signs. We do this in the hope that mothers and fathers coming to abort will change their minds before making the mistake of a lifetime -- both for the baby and themselves.

One thing everyone should know is that the Holy Spirit that causes people to help others of any age is the same Holy Spirit that causes individuals to stand up for the unborn. Each of these "unborns" is every bit as much a person -- with a soul -- as any one of us. They each deserve protection and the right to life.

Even though I'm aware of, and confess to, not doing as much as I could or should for all life, there's great hope.

Standing in my back yard, I can see homes of neighbors where adoption has been the choice: three siblings in one, four in another, six siblings in another, one in another, two separately and five separately.

Also on the next street lives a career adoption counselor, and between his home and ours is a family who have been foster parents to more than 50 babies and even adopted a special-needs child.

Not all of the 70-plus children were in top shape when they arrived, but each was loved and got better.

I still repent for the years wasted when I didn't know or care to know the truth; but surrounded by so many caring and giving pro-life families makes me want to try harder.

Gary Garner, Augusta



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