Religion requires moral absolutes

The Augusta Chronicle's Oct. 3 Faith section article on the Wiccan belief system ("Proud to be pagans") merely revealed what many postmodern religions are made of, and compels a response.


Wiccans seem to espouse a "what's right for you" mind-set. Isn't this an extension of relativism and existentialism? Man is the measure of all things? Whatever you believe? Don't worry as long as you don't hurt anyone else or yourself in the process? Is this nothing more than a desire to assert the importance of man's individuality and freedom and with it, a denial of accountability to a Creator?

How can one live a consistent life if the target of what's right and wrong is always moving? Could you imagine a football game without sidelines? Without rules? How confusing. How ironic that we send students to universities and teach them this relativism, but when they go to Wall Street and practice their relativism, we put them in jail.

There are many types of logic, but only one accurately reflects reality, and that is the law of non-contradiction. Yes, absolutes. Either right or wrong, not both. Whether you agree with Christianity or not is your choice. I do not pretend to force my beliefs on another, but would ask one to consider the great questions of life -- questions of origin, of meaning, of morality and of destiny. It is not sufficient to answer one without consideration of all. Only Christianity answers individually with a cohesive bond to all.

It is more accurate to say that all religions are wrong than to say all religions are right. The embrace of all the world religions will merely cause one to suffocate. Paganism will lead to a vacuum in this country, allowing other world religions to swoop in and fill it. After all, nature abhors a vacuum.

Larry Moore




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