Simply stated, abortion is murder

I am writing in response to Jewel Pullen's letter concerning abortion rights ("Show some compassion for the born," Sept. 30).


I am glad to see that abortion activists do not "sit up at night hoping more women will have abortions." It should, however, be pointed out that her reasoning for favoring abortions is invalid. She says she is in favor of a government that doesn't tell a woman what she can and can't do with her body.

In case your readers haven't noticed, I believe the government already places many restrictions on what women, or men, can do with their bodies. The most prominent and obvious prohibition is prostitution. Neither men nor women are allowed to use their bodies to solicit sex. I am also sure that if the entire list of prohibitions placed upon our bodies by the government were published they would fill the paper.

Jewel should give us her real reason for wanting abortions to remain legal, since her other reason is invalid.

The fact remains that abortion is still predominantly used as a means of birth control. Simply stated, abortion is the murder of a human being. The better alternative for a person who chooses not to remain abstinent would be to choose adoption or use a legitimate birth-control method.

Brian Martin, Grovetown



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