Cafeteria 's condition was shocking

I just wanted to share something that happened recently.


My son goes to Evans High School. He was absent, and I went to the school to pick up his make-up work. What I saw when I got there really upset me. I arrived just after lunch and the custodians were putting up the tables and chairs. The cafeteria looked like a zoo! I mean, you could hardly see the floor because there was so much trash on it!

I asked a school employee who was assisting me if they had just had a party. She said no -- just lunch. My son told me that the administrators monitor the lunchroom. He also told me that kids constantly throw food and push their trays on the floor when they are finished eating. Why are our children allowed to act like this?

It is my understanding that the administrators in the lunchroom are looking for students holding hands with their boyfriends or girlfriends, or texting on their cell phones. I agree that these behaviors need monitoring, but since when is throwing food or pushing lunch trays on the floor acceptable?

I don't know about other parents, but I would like to think basic respect is still modeled and expected in school. I was very disappointed in what I observed at EHS.

Kevin Coleman, Evans



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