Racism doesn't factor into fiscal crisis

I am disappointed, yet hardly surprised, that Jimmy Carter recently stated opposition to President Obama's policies is fueled by racism.

And he is certainly not alone among his liberal colleagues in voicing that opinion: Conservatives are protesting Obama's policies; Obama is black; therefore, conservatives must be protesting Obama's policies because he is black. What kind of ill-conceived, juvenile logic is used in that ridiculous opinion?

Trying to push through large social programs that will substantially increase the size and reach of government, when we already have a daunting $1.8 trillion budget deficit, is fiscally reckless, no matter if you are black, white, red or green. Citizens have a right to be concerned -- nay, a right to be infuriated -- because this administration is blowing the roof off of our budget and depleting our nation's wealth at an unprecedented rate. We can't afford to pay for the government we have, and liberals are on a shopping spree attempting to max out America's credit card.

There is no defense for the fiscal policies of this administration. Playing the race card is yet another example of liberals employing the tactic of attacking the messenger when they cannot justify their own position against the charges lobbied against them.

David Adkinson, Evans



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