Rep. Joe Wilson deserves our thanks

I am appalled by your editorial page of Sept. 12, in which Rep. Joe Wilson is, I believe, repeatedly defamed in two letters to the editor.


I am certain the majority of Americans do not condone the outburst made by Joe Wilson when he called the president a liar during his recent address to Congress. Only frustration could push a respected member of Congress to such an outburst. Only the need to voice his opinion in an increasingly politically correct society, where we rename the most horrendous day in America a "day of service," could have forced him to such an extreme.

It is a very sad state of affairs when Americans feel their voices are not being heard. Joe Wilson spoke for a large number of Americans on the floor of Congress the other night. He spoke for those of us who are tired of back-door dealings and double-wording. His words forced the Senate committees to reconvene immediately to rewrite portions of their bill to prevent embarrassment to the administration.

We need more Joe Wilsons in Congress -- men and women who are not afraid to stand up for what they see as right; men and women who are not afraid of the consequences of defending the liberties and freedoms we all cherish. Ethics and fair play always will trump lawyeristic phrases with footnote wording, purposefully hidden in extra-small print for later interpretation.

I respect Wilson's apology, and I respect his willingness to defend our liberties by telling it like it is. Congress was elected to serve the people, and polls show the majority of Americans feel they are not doing their jobs. Instead of slandering Joe Wilson for revealing a truth, we should be thanking him for bringing it to our attention.

Bob Gatliff




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