Here's a proposal to stop socialism

I have read many letters sent in to The Chronicle, and editorials by the paper, concerning how socialism is destroying our country primarily since the liberals came upon the scene in the 1930s. I think I have a plan to correct this growing problem in our country:


First, as of today, no one can enroll in the Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid programs. People in the programs will continue, but as they pass on, the programs will decrease and be phased out.

The large socialistic projects, such as the Tennessee Valley Authority, will be sold by the government to private companies and operated on a for-profit basis.

The Department of Education will be shut down because we know what's best for educating our children. If we want to teach tobacco farming and religion in our classrooms, it should be left up to us (I hate to remind people that the way the federal people got a foot in the door in our educational system was partly because of our segregated schools).

Of course, the money from Washington stops.

Farm subsidies end (the large corporate farm operations get most of them anyhow).

The FDIC, the outfit that insures your bank deposits, will close down. If you have money in the bank, you probably ought to get it out and put it under your mattress.

The local governments -- city, county and state -- will take over the streets and roads and, because we can maintain our roads better, will get the potholes taken care of quickly.

No more bailouts for General Motors and Chrysler and the financial outfits. If you can't compete in the free enterprise system, you probably aren't building the cars people want and, in the case of banks. not handling the money as you should.

As for health care: If you work for a company that provides it, that's great. If the company you work for is too small to provide it -- tough luck, buddy. We're getting this country out of this mess.

This is not a complete plan, but I'm sure that the letter writers and editorial writers can add their ideas to make it even better. Then we'll be back to the capitalistic system that made this country great. We've learned our lesson.

Jim McGaughy

Aiken, S,C,