Obama speech isn't indoctrination

Your editorial "Leave our kids alone" was beyond rational belief. You have the audacity to suggest that our president of the United States, elected by a large majority of Americans, by talking to schoolchildren, is doing what "smacks of indoctrination." Indoctrination of what?


The fact that he is offering our children a chance to hear and talk to our president "smacks of indoctrination right out of the socialist's handbook"? What a very frightening opinion. What makes this different than President George W. Bush being seen on television sitting with schoolchildren in school when he learns of the 9-11 airplane crashes? Or his father pictured talking to schoolchildren -- or Ronald Reagan doing the same?

How do you have the right to accuse our president of doing what is so truly American, and such a privilege for our children, of indoctrination? Where is the American pride in our system of government and our duly elected president and the balance of power guaranteed by our Constitution?

What is so frightening to me is your arrogant attempt at indoctrination of your readers with such vicious opinions of our sitting president. Your editorial smacks of a vicious attempt at provoking mass hysteria in your readers. God help us all with un-American bigots such as your editorial writers and you for publishing such a shameful illustration of blatant, false beliefs.

If our democracy is in jeopardy, it is not from our president but from attempts at vilifying him in editorials such as yours.

Alan Roberts



Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:16

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Sat, 08/19/2017 - 01:16

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