Obama's Census is unconstitutional

Augusta's mayor says to answer all 10 of President Obama's Census questions, even though the Constitution only allows the census to ask one question, i.e., how many people live in this house?


Obama's Census will be a major invasion of privacy and 90 percent illegal, according to the Constitution. Will you cede your info to an illegal government scam? A Census official then says the questionnaire is "safe, confidential and you don't have to fear any reprisals."

That's a threat -- the implication being that if you don't toe their line, you do have to "fear reprisals." And any reprisal is, of course, unconstitutional.

Obama is really getting carried away with his dream of being a dictator. Some Americans are waking up. It's time for all Americans to wake up and, for example, only answer the number of people living in your house. Anything more and you've handed your freedom to an illegitimate government con job.

Bill Dekle