Rally to amplify health care concerns

While it is far too late to derail some decisions already made by the current administration, which seems to operate sans opposition, the health care reform dubbed "Obamacare" has yet to be decided upon.


Town hall meetings -- a deceptive, revitalized phrase to ensure that the average American citizen feels his/her voice is being heard -- have been held across this once-great nation for several weeks. There is no shortage of coverage of these through national media outlets -- most of which depict angry crowds engaging in verbal fisticuffs. Neither the proponents nor the opponents are accurately informed (nor, it seems, is Congress).

It is human nature to fear the unknown, and there is much unknown about this recent reform. Adding to this fear is the recent history of edicts handed down from Washington. The economic reforms were pushed through Congress at such an expedited rate that many senators and representatives barely had a chance to read the lengthy document.

To prevent further rash decisions based on zero research, citizens are gathering for a Stop ObamaCare (SOC) Rally. Politicians, medical professionals and people who have experienced socialized health care firsthand are slated to speak and will take questions from the audience.

Citizens are encouraged to bring socks to the SOC Rally. There are plans to mail these to Washington in disapproval of the current proposed health care reform. Boxes will be purchased from the Postal Service, which is in dire need of economic stimulation.

There are rumors that said socks needn't be clean. I encourage people to attend the rally to be informed on important issues; possibly have their voices heard; and, if nothing else, stuff a box with their week-old socks.

Regardless of political views, everyone can agree that those in Washington need to be reminded who pays their salaries. I can think of no better way than to send them laundry that we can no longer afford to wash.

Chris Phillips


(The rally will be from 5 to 9 p.m. Thursday at the Jessye Norman Amphitheater on Riverwalk Augusta.)