Refutation of gay therapy is wrong

The psychological community is patting itself on the back for its recent repudiation of reparative therapy, which holds that gay clients can become straight through therapy or other treatments.


These professionals have decided that homosexuality is an unchangeable, genetic trait, and they ignore the research that says that homosexuality is primarily environmentally determined. (See Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth, by Dr. Jeffrey Satinover.)

If homosexuality is genetic and can't be changed, how did I read countless stories on the Internet from former homosexuals who contradict that theory by their words and their lives? And whom are we going to believe? The American Psychological Association? In a few years its experts will be replaced by new experts, who will tell us that sexual attraction to pets is genetic. These psychologists parrot what they hear from Hollywood, the media, academia and mainline churches.

Compare the message from the professionals -- "You can never change your behavior without becoming suicidal" -- with this quote from a former homosexual: "I learned that the need for love and acceptance from a man was not bad, but homosexuality was an illegitimate way to meet a legitimate need. My wife is not my diploma for healing, nor proof I have changed. She is evidence of God's grace in my life." For those post-modernists who can't recognize it, the latter is the sound of triumph.

The doctors will come and go, and the research results will change with the biases of those who lead the studies. What won't change is the witness of the human spirit that tells us male and female are the perfect counterparts. Reject defeat and allow hope to enter.

Kathryn Lehn




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