Much work has yet to be accomplished

I thank all persons graciously who responded to my letter "Black community has problems to solve (July 11). I received several notes, e-mails, telephone calls, checks and some visitors. Three individuals sent checks requesting that I contribute the money to some agencies of my choice that assist young people.


It was disclosed to me that many people are participating in programs and projects to assist, tutor and mentor young people and families. And many more want to get involved. Somehow, we need a clearinghouse or a central agency where volunteers could be approved and trained, in order to reach out on a bigger scale so that more children and families could be helped. In other words, a lot is being done, but much more is needed.

We need to get our national organizations such as the NAACP, SCLC, PUSH and the National Action Network more involved and make programs for young people a priority.

On another issue, health care reform: I am dismayed at some of my

fellow Americans at a few town hall meetings, displaying distractions and disturbances. I consider this un-American.

A foreigner who was visiting our country recently told me that some of the things he liked about United States were the civility of Americans, who are able to agree to disagree on issues and vote their convictions; and our peaceful presidential inaugurations.

On another note on health care, it has become a class issue, although, we don't want to admit it - just as some of us don't want certain people living in our neighborhoods or going to school with them.

We don't want to go to doctors or hospitals where people on Medicaid go. Although many people will disagree with me, this is an underground issue, and it is very real.

Tracy E. Williams Jr., Augusta



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