Article on tribunals skewed the facts

The statistical analysis in your front-page article titled "89 percent guilty at tribunals" (July 26) does not include the following:


- Regarding the 15-year-old who made the threat against a teacher: How many prior incidents did he have which led to him to a tribunal?

- What are the statistics of the entire population of Richmond County schools for the six-year period of records that were used by the reporter, compared to how many students during that time were referred to a tribunal?

This article is biased against Richmond County schools because it does not show the school board's side of the facts. What steps did the schools and school board take to rehabilitate a problem student prior to the final administrative hearing/tribunal? The term "tribunal" is used to make the school board seem mysterious and secretive, when in reality it is an administrative hearing to determine final disposition of the worst students.

This article treated the assault and threats against teachers by students as casual offenses. Threats or assaults on teachers is intolerable and deserves the highest forms of punitive measures to restore the teacher's authority.

Your article is part of the problem with Richmond County schools, and you should be embarrassed at the lack of analysis that makes this article incomplete and biased against the hard-working teachers and administrators who have to focus the majority of their efforts on a handful of bad students instead of teaching and mentoring the students who can and will succeed.

Bob Beck, Evans