Gates is the racist in this incident

After reading Eugene Robinson's commentary Aug. 1 ("Get used to it: Accomplished, 'uppity' minorities will be in your face"), I felt its contents were absurd enough to warrant my own commentary.


Robinson's thoughts are similar to those of others in that they attempt to extrapolate from the Henry Louis Gates/JamesCrowley incident a wider ongoing racial profiling issue. However, Robinson goes one step further by stating this issue is now to be accepted as a result of "accomplished, 'uppity' minorities." He is basically saying the profiling done by Gates is justified because of a power relationship!

My argument is that there is nothing to extrapolate from this incident. And Robinson's reasoning that minorities with academic degrees and other accomplishments can be expected to act like Gates is philistine. In fact, the only thing we should now expect is that Gates, not other minorities, will act like Gates. This issue is about his behavior, and reviewing the past 15 years of Gates' professional life reveals he has the racist component, not Sgt. Crowley.

This also makes the Obama-Crowley-Gates Oktoberfest futile since it likewise is not addressing the issue at hand: Gates.

Gary Bolick




Sun, 10/22/2017 - 00:07

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