Don't let government run health care

Government health care will not work.


Elected officials have headed home for the summer break. This is an excellent time to contact your elected officials to act against this pending disaster. How much more do we need to know that government involvement is usually a disaster.

The cash-for-clunkers program (a government program) is running out of money. Social Security (run by the government) always is facing a deficit (always a need to cut benefits, raise the age, raise the taxes). How much does it cost the government to run Medicare/Medicaid?

Can anyone find a government program that actually cost what the government said it would cost? If you doubt it, look it up yourself. Find the bill on the Internet like I did and read through it. I assure you that it will confuse you.

And why are our elected officials not required to enroll in any government health plan? If those supporting it are so confident, let them try it first.

The government is rarely the answer. Reform of the health care system is required, but not a government-run program.

George J. Weber




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