Georgia Lottery seems to be fixed

As a person who plays the lottery a lot, I would like to know whether your subscribers feel that the Georgia Lottery is fixed where 90 percent of the top prizes are won in the Atlanta area.


My thoughts are based on the high percentage of online games that are won in the area -- simply because the more winners produced in that area, the more it will boost the economy surrounding the location of the winners.

History shows that top prizes and second place prizes of the Mega Millions, Fantasy 5, Win 4 Life drawings and instant tickets games are won in the Atlanta area or within a 100-mile radius. Only a few top prizes can be tracked to Augusta, the second-largest city in Georgia, and the surrounding areas.

If your readers don't believe my theory, I would like to suggest that they go to and view the winners tab and see for themselves. In the event those players who are hoping that more winning tickets will soon find their way to Augusta and the surrounding area, many will be surprised to learn that their chances are very slim.

I believe the Georgia Lottery is fixed. Former Georgia Lottery execs have confirmed that they dictate when top prizes should appear, and the online drawings are monitored so that the lottery can ensure that they have made a profit before declaring a winner for a particular online game.

Selena Garrison Vick




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