Fasten seat belts - here comes socialism

Health Care for America Now's commercial urging all Georgians to contact U.S. Rep. John Barrow to vote for the president's new health care program is just another Democratic-backed group cramming the president's programs down our throats.

The only reason Health Care for America Now is pushing this is because Rep. Barrow realizes it won't do the job, and will cost all of us our health care programs and a whole lot of money. It is just another example of Democrat tactics, plain and simple -- just yell and push until they get their way.

I'll go along with the president's health care program just as soon as the president, his whole staff and appointees and Congress have to use the same health care program. Isn't it interesting that Congress and the president don't fall under this program?

Look out, country -- here comes socialism in its finest form. For Sen. Lindsey Graham here in South Carolina, backing the president's plan is the end of his career in Congress.

Richard A. Wilson, Aiken S.C.