ObamaCare will only hurt seniors

Doris Crutchfield, in her July 24 letter to editor ("We need health care; Obama can deliver"), stated: "The president has the answer to the health care problem." Her statement reflects the fact that she, like so many Americans, is not familiar with the undesirable features of this legislation.


First, there is the provision for covering expenses of an abortion, and also overriding any state law that requires counseling or parental notice before hand. This will only lead to a growth in abortion clinics across our country.

Secondly, Obama's government-run health care plan will result in denying care to a number of Americans, especially senior citizens. Underlying this legislation is the misconception that living longer burdens society, so therefore access to cures and specialists will be denied to older people who then should be counseled on end-of-life options.

An interesting quote by Betsy McCaughey, former lieutenant governor of New York: "Medicare has made living to a ripe old age a good value; ObamaCare will undo that."

George C. Lenz




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