Thomas oversimplified complex issue

I appreciated the editorial in the July 25 paper, "Presumed guilty," which ended with the sentence: "When are we going to stop being so ready to believe the worst in each other?" I then was surprised to see in the Opinion section a column by Cal Thomas attacking the Episcopal Church and former President Carter.


The column assumed the worst in both a church and a former president. Mr. Thomas attacked the church and Mr. Carter for positions that are held to be liberal in that they support the rights of women and gays.

I know that good, faithful people interpret the Holy Scriptures in different ways, and I try not to prejudge others even when I disagree with their interpretations. History demonstrates that positions that were at one time accepted and defended by society and many Christian churches are now seen as immoral and are condemned by the civilized world. Two examples are slavery and child labor.

Only with time and the help of the Holy Spirit will we be able to determine which decisions are influenced by the Holy Spirit and illuminated by the Gospel light. A little less rhetoric combined with more self-restraint may help us see that we live in a complex world that is not as simple as Mr. Thomas' column portrays.

David Thompson

North Augusta

(The writer is rector of St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church in North Augusta.)