We need health care; Obama can deliver

I want this health care bill passed! America needs this bill passed!


Heath care is out of reach for the average American who are living paycheck to paycheck. I have pretty good coverage, as my husband is retired military. But there are some issues with that coverage as well that needs to be addressed.

I work for a small company that employs about 10 to 12 people. The company makes an effort to provide low-cost health insurance, but it's not low-cost to the employees once you've paid a family premium, copays and deductibles. But don't try to live without it, especially if you have children. I've seen my co-workers deal with this, and I feel so bad for them knowing there has to be a better way. I just kind of keep quiet and thank my lucky stars my husband did serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. TRICARE has its problems as well, but that's a whole other letter.

I'm also concerned with ho w my daughters -- ages 29, 21 and 19 -- have no coverage. Why? Because they can't afford it! My 29-year-old is barely making it. My 21- and 19-year-olds are covered under TRICARE now because they are still in college. But after college age they are done! What then? These are my babies that I've taken care of all of their life; now it's time for them to learn how to take care of themselves but the resources for them to do that are not there!

The president has the answer to the health care problem, and everyone else wants to further their own agendas. Well, everyone else who does not want this health care bill to pass, I'm sure, already has a pretty good health plan! So what do they care about the rest of us? Concerned about spending, my fanny!

Let America finally get this done! Shame on people for blocking this bill!

Doris Crutchfield