Editorial cartoons are outstanding

I would like to take the time to praise The Augusta Chronicle's excellent editorial cartoons.


My world-traveler, cosmopolitan husband, Dennis Farmer, says (and I agree) that Rick McKee's cartoons are the best thing in the entire Augusta Chronicle . My husband says Mr. McKee should be nationally syndicated, and that he could easily grace The Wall Street Journal's pages. He has a marvelously pithy way of getting to the very heart of a subject, making his point, while making us laugh.

Mr. McKee's cartoons are the first thing we look for when we open the paper in the morning. On July 18, he outdid even himself with his cartoon on the original Apollo 11 videos. We both laughed out loud. I've no idea how he does it, but please, keep on!

Again, thanks for Mr. McKee's exemplary and insightful work.

Cathy Farmer

North Augusta, S.C.

(Editor's note: Mr. McKee's cartoons are syndicated, through King Features Syndicate.)



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