Obama fiddles while the nation burns

President Obama's reign thus far reminds me of a story in ancient history in which Emperor Nero played a fiddle while Rome burned.


Obama smiles in front of the cameras on a daily basis as his policies unravel the fabric of the United States, sending us into oblivion. His lack of leadership capabilities in international affairs will make more enemies than friends. Between him and former President Carter, the terrorists have to think they have new allies in their quest to destroy the world.

Obama's continuous television airings, touring his ill-conceived ideas as to how the country should be run, destroys everything the United States has stood for since its inception. Government takeovers in the private sector are killing prosperity.

Instead of making decisions based on previous leadership experiences, Obama has to make up committees and appoint czars to study how to address any given issue. From my perspective, that's not leadership. If I were to psychoanalyze this guy, I would say that he delegates his responsibilities to others to cover his rear end so that no one can criticize him, all the while protecting his fragile ego and hiding his ineptness.

Further, prior to the elections, I wrote that there should be a new bill submitted to Congress making a job application for the presidency mandatory. Those running for that position should have leadership experience; education; have governed a state; and have been a CEO of a corporation, or run something other than their mouths.

It is clear to me that Obama is out of his depth; he lied his way into office, promising the world to all who would vote for him. What we got was a man on an on-the-job training program who fills positions of authority using Al Capone politics right out of Chicago.

As I watch Obama smile and mesmerize the masses with his persona, I wonder how many of his followers will be smiling when this country burns to the ground.

Gregory J. Topliff

Warrenville, S.C.