Fix health care with legal reform

As usual, lawyers - with President Obama in the lead role - want to radically overhaul the health care system.


This bad movie is actually a sequel. Bill and Hillary Clinton, both lawyers of questionable integrity, tried to covertly reinvent health care in the early 1990s. Fortunately, their subterfuge was unsuccessful.

Like any imperfect delivery system, health care should be tweaked. But an overhaul that covers everyone - including illegal aliens and able-bodied individuals who refuse to work - penalizes tax-paying Americans.

The legal system, often fraught with greed, corruption and injustice, is

begging for reform. An astonishing

example of a gross miscarriage of justice is the recent case of NFL player Donte Stallworth, who was sentenced

to only 30 days in jail for DUI manslaughter. He served 24 days for good behavior.

If lawyers feel compelled to trample health care, then physicians should be appointed to purge the legal system. Let's start with caps on malpractice awards and severe penalties for frivolous litigation.

Jim Irish

North Augusta, S.C.


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