Is American experiment coming to end?

July 4th weekend sparked a lot of nostalgia about our nation's great heritage. I have always believed that our Founding Fathers were given divine inspiration to create a nation unlike any in history, where government was from the bottom up, not from the top down.


Individual people had freedom and responsibility far beyond those in any other country, ever.

The result was that the United States became the greatest nation ever to exist, and the largest economic powerhouse. People from all over Earth have been risking their lives to come here, legally or illegally.

But, quite suddenly, all of this is turning upside down. Our current federal government is putting in place policies that our Founding Fathers were trying to get away from. They are putting the federal government in charge of detailed aspects of our lives from birth through death. Fifteen or so "czars" have been appointed and given great authority without any basis in law or the Constitution.

The huge accumulation of debt will shackle the growth opportunities of our great-grandchildren. If the energy bill that was recently passed by the House becomes law, it would push us headlong toward becoming a Third World country. A massive effort is under way to put government in charge of our health care, which is already the best in the world.

Do we have enough voters who know what that Great American Experiment was who might restore it?

Mal McKibben

North Augusta, S.C.



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