Pay attention to the hot dogs!

Everyone enjoys First Friday in Augusta. They bring out the family, stroll the streets, and visit the venues. Some even bring their dogs out for the day.


This all sounds like a great day out -- except from the dog's point of view.

Remember, this is the South, with 90-degree plus heat, and the asphalt is as hot as a griddle. Most dogs, medium sized and larger, are cool-weather animals. They cannot tolerate this heat for very long.

Remember, also, the pads on the bottom of their paws. Would you walk barefoot on that hot asphalt? How do you think they like it? They cannot tell you they are uncomfortable, so please think before you take them out. They can suffer heat-related problems and develop blisters on their paws.

If you care for your pet you will consider their health first. Wait till evening or when cooler weather returns before bringing out your four-legged friends. Then all can enjoy a day out.

Carol Allen

Beech Island, S.C.



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