Neo-liberal agenda: no room for dissent

Sarah Palin has resigned as governor of Alaska. What a pity. What a bright star she was for national politics. What a fresh, energetic style and message she brought to the 2008 presidential election and promise for future elections.


My wife and I attended her campaign appearance for Sen. Chambliss in Augusta as thousands cheered her intensity and her message in the Senate run-off election.

Was she driven out? Has she grown tired of seeing her children mocked and insulted by the mainstream media and by left-wing TV hosts? Is she tired of spending Alaska's tax money and her family's money to answer one frivolous legal attack after another? What did she do wrong? Why do they hate her so?

What was it that sent them into such a frenzy of attack and destruction, even attacking her children? Liberals are, by definition, people who appreciate and celebrate the rights of others to their own opinions and viewpoints. Classic liberals embrace diversity in thought and beliefs, just as in lifestyles and in actions.

Today's neo-lefties in the Democrat Party today are the antithesis of liberalism. They accept nothing but their own agenda. It's their dogma that must prevail. It's abortion on demand. It's man-made global warming. It's no more drilling. It's tiny cars with teensie engines. It's "Suzy has two mommies." It's their way or the highway.

They want to decide how much money you can make, how little of it you can keep, what kind of car you drive, what kind of house you live in, how much energy you can use, what your kids are taught at school, on and on, and on.

These people are fascists. They believe their version of government must be (and will be) foisted on everyone. They believe it's perfectly acceptable to use any fraudulent methodology necessary to "win" elections and then, having won, to completely ignore the opposition party to steamroll their agenda.

Have no doubt about their willingness to use the police and the military to force that agenda, if they could. Writer Mark Levin calls them "statists." That's a correctly descriptive word for them. They are definitely not liberals. They abhor individual rights, even individual thoughts. They want to use the power of the state to rule every aspect of your life in accordance with their agenda. If you get in their way, or if you seem an effective spokesman against that agenda, it's Katy bar the door, because they're coming after you and your family.

Sarah Palin got in their way. Sarah Palin had a family, and that family included young children. Withstanding an all-out attack from the ultra-left statists in the Democrat Party is tough enough if it's just you, your spouse and adult children. Weathering such brutal personal attacks becomes much tougher when little kids are involved.

Ruthless, dishonest, and evil, these people have no ethics and no scruples.

Only an agenda.

Tom Taber