Obama putting nation in sorry state

The left-wing liberal Democrats wanted a messiah, and they chose Barack Obama. Afraid of racist claims, mad at the Bush administration, they chose Obama. He picked the perfect time in history to take on capitalism. More and more people are seeking others to take care of them, to nurture them. They chose Obama.


Well, folks, you bit into the lemon -- now suck on it.

We are going to be in a heck of a spiral downward. We are quickly nationalizing everything. Think you'll get free medical care? Think again. The numbers the Obama administration are putting up are unsustainable

We have the greatest medical system in the world, and you the people let him destroy it.

Your children's hopes of being the next millionaire? Forget it. We are going to be a society of mediocrity -- hoping for a handout and given one if we act right or vote right.

This is called Marxism. It doesn't work; never has. But in six months, Obama has dumped on us the biggest debt in history. Even the Chinese laugh at us.

Steve Tiernan




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