Energy bill is disaster for Georgians

Thanks, Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress, for the upcoming massive increase in Georgians' electric bills and the decrease in Georgia's jobs since the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 passed.


And let's just add another Obama lie to the column: He promised "transparency," and that any proposed legislation will be on the Internet for five days before it is voted upon. What do you call it when a bill is presented to the House at 3:09 a.m., then is voted on that day? Furthermore, the bill is 1,200-plus pages, so I'm betting that no one read it.

The bill's alleged purpose was to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Furthermore, 20 percent of a state's available power must come from wind and solar energy. Fine. If a state does not meet that standard, it must buy credits. Unfortunately, the bill does not recognize nuclear power, of which Georgia has a very modest amount. If the intent is to reduce CO2 emissions, why not give credit for nuclear power that has no CO2 emissions? Since we will not be credited, we will have to purchase.

Many families and businesses move to Georgia because of low energy costs and our AAA bond rating. What will happen when energy costs soar yet again, permanently? How about when we lose the AAA bond rating because of the soar? Change you can believe in!

When you notice gasoline at $4 per gallon, thank a Democrat. When your power bill doubles (or more), thank a Democrat. When jobs and our AAA bond rating leaves Georgia, thank a Democrat. Do not blame a Republican Georgia legislature and governor.

The truth is, a power-hungry elitist president and Congress chose to overstep their bounds yet again. Until they are stopped, more of the same rubbish will continue. Sweep out what you can in 2010 so that some sense can shine on amateur hour in the White House and the "we won" day in Congress.

This just in: After you win an election, you actually have to do the job.

Lee Benedict


(The writer is District 2 chairman of the Columbia County Republican Party.)



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