Here are fixes to problems in D.C.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out the current crop of politicians we have in Washington, D.C. We are being led to our demise by self-serving politicians of both parties -- one group by having absolute power in D.C. (the Democrats), the other by the timid response to the takeover of the private sector by an ever-expanding, unconstitutional government (the Republicans).

We have problems, no doubt -- it's called the government. If the government really wants to help the economy and employ people, create a real energy policy. We as a country are blessed with an abundant amount of natural resources; we have the leading edge in technology. Build nuclear power plants; drill for our own oil and natural gas; and work on clean-coal technology. This will create real jobs not only in the energy field but in every aspect of our economy. It will create real wealth and real jobs with lasting benefits to our country.

We will reduce our trade inbalance; it will create a larger tax base and hopefully revenue sharing with states to relieve their budget deficits if they participate in the energy plan; and with real jobs you have real wealth -- it spreads through the economy and benefits all who want to participate. We are then no longer dependent on the Middle East or anywhere else for our energy. This deprives the Middle East of its inflated importance regardless of where we got our oil before.

Next, I would change the tax code to a consumption tax or a flat tax that cannot be tinkered with. Spending would be tied to a small percent of the Gross Domestic Product, and no more. This new tax code would be very friendly to manufacturing and business, making the United States a friend of commerce. Attracting business would be a boom, and again contribute to the making of real wealth. ...

Rob Feero, Evans