Ease up on the governor 's affair

I will be the bad guy (girl) to say this. All of this talk about Gov. Mark Sanford's affair is getting quite ridiculous.


I wrote him off when he allowed so many people to lose their jobs by not accepting stimulus funds, but I now think that he had firsthand knowledge of how government funds are wasted. He offered to pay back the money for his trips to Argentina, but we can only imagine how much money was wasted on local, state and federally funded trips. He gave everyone reason to look at his spending under a microscope. So where were the watchdogs a year ago when he spent more than $8,000 on one trip? I'm sure that should have raised some red flags in the state audit department.

As far as his ploy for media attention, do we not force it on politicians? We vote them into public service positions, and we treat them as if they are servants to our constant need for gossip. We want all personal information to become public. Even though his publicist could have prepared a speech, Sanford spoke from his heart.

For those of you so quick to pass judgment, the feelings he has for this other woman -- and the true anguish he is demonstrating over the pain he has caused his family -- should show you he really is a decent man with a heart. He is human.

He made a huge mistake, but we all know that for a man in his position to truly give his heart (not just his unmentionables) to someone other than his wife, there must have been something already amiss with their marriage. If his heart was truly with his wife, his mistress would've never been able to break that connection; it would have been only physical attraction.

If he was such a terrible guy, he would not be struggling so much with how much he's hurt his family and friends. He wouldn't care.

Jennifer Bachner, Evans



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