Lakers have heavenly chemistry

Twenty years have passed since I last wrote a letter to the Chronicle about the "Magnificentastic" Los Angles Lakers.


During those years I wrote many letters glorifying, showcasing and showering the Lakers with overwhelming praise. This present letter for the 21st century is being written with a twist and flavor to affirm my belief that the 2009 National Basketball Association Champion Los Angeles Lakers are synonymous to everyday life.

In essence, many of us endure trials and tribulations of life which sometimes mature us to become better individuals. On the other hand, these same encountered trials and tribulations may lead us down a negative path to self-destruction and demonstrative behaviors, therefore allowing many of us to lose faith and hope in seeking a life that merits positive behaviors.

I'm convinced that all Americans can learn valuable, meaningful and intelligent lessons from the Lakers about never giving up. Of course, this is life 101. The Lakers lost in last year's NBA finals, and almost lost in this year's playoffs, but the team remained focus and never gave up.

Actually, never giving up must be the mantra that all of us should live by. I never gave up on the Lakers when they weren't winning NBA championships, but they bounced back and won three consecutive NBA titles. I was born to be a Lakers fan and I will remain loyal to this team forever.

When did this amazing thing happen? I'm convinced it happened when God became a Lakers fan. God truly loves the Lakers' greatness.

It's my belief that God and the Lakers have a spiritual bond that will allow this team to win many more basketball titles in the future. It's really a beautiful and wonderful thing for God to be rolling with the surreal Los Angeles Lakers. What chemistry and definition.

E. Maner



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