Don 't endanger the passage of SPLOST

Please, please, don't endanger the passage of SPLOST, I beg you!


Please think of all the repairs our wonderful city needs, the flooding that could be stopped and the improvements to our parks and inner city.

Please think of all the financially needy, as well as physically handicapped children who would love to attend the Jessye Norman School, if only it had an elevator!

Think of the economic stimulus to downtown that a restored, bright and happy Miller Theater would bring -- lots of folks coming downtown bringing their purses and billfolds with them.

Think of all the jobs with all that sawing, hammering and brick-laying!

Think of the lift that passing SPLOST would bring to our beleaguered city.

We can become a destination city like Chattanooga, Columbia, Greenville or Columbus.

Maybe we can't compete with Nashville, Charleston and Savannah, but we surely can with Chattanooga and Greenville if we save what we already have, clean up, beautify and get to work!


Pat Knox Hudson, Augusta



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