SPLOST package responsible, needed

Fred Russell tackled the daunting task of reducing over $600 million in requests from governmental and outside agencies to prepare a very fair special purpose local option sales tax package now costing $184 million.


So where will the money come from? Continuation of the penny sales tax. Every time any person spends a dollar in Richmond County, a penny will be added to this fund. Instead of the Richmond County property owner footing the entire bill for the much-needed projects, financing will be spread over buyers who choose to make purchases in Augusta.

The pennies that fund this package will purchase new police cars and fire trucks to replace the ones that are wearing out, provide tree pruning and removal of older trees, upgrade sewer systems, enhance our libraries, repair and maintain our roads and bridges, upgrade traffic engineering, and make needed repairs to our parks and recreation facilities. These projects will generate jobs.

In addition, outside agencies, which have made requests that will enhance our quality of life, will be charged the task of raising 25 percent in matching funds. These projects include the kick-start to restoring the Miller Theatre, and providing improvements to the Imperial Theatre. Also, enhancements made to the canal, as well as the Augusta Museum of History, and Lucy C. Laney Museum, will generate more taxed sales from visitors and tourists. More jobs.

I urge you to go to www.augustaga.gov to learn more.

Tricia D. Hughes



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