Cartoon an insult to president

Rick McKee's editorial cartoon (Augusta Chronicle, June 6) depicting President Obama apologizing for D-Day to a fully uniformed Adolf Hitler, was neither funny, appropriate, informative nor true in any sense.


It was a disgusting display of garbage thrown at the president of the United States by the Augusta Chronicle.

Of course, its intention was to denigrate the president's speech at Cairo where the president did apologize for the quagmire in Iraq orchestrated by George Bush and Dick Cheney. Whatever its intent, it insulted every soldier who fought and the many who died fighting fascism led by Hitler. It belittled the tremendous leadership of Presidents Roosevelt and Truman during and after Word War II.

The editorial board, which approved the cartoon, obviously did not watch, just one day before, the moving ceremony of President Obama and the survivor Elie Wiesel at Buchenwald where 53,000 Jews and thousands of others were killed on direct orders of Hitler. The president denounced forcefully Hitler's killing camps and denounced the revisionists who claim the Holocaust never occurred.

If there is an apology to be made, it should be Rick McKee and the Chronicle begging to apologize to our president and all those who died horribly at the camps and those who fought and died for the victory over the Nazis.

Lowell Greenbaum

Chairperson, Richmond County Democratic Party