Why don't pro-lifers prevent births?

An abortion clinic doctor, who is protected by the laws of his state and country, is killed for being a "baby butcher" by a pro-lifer who believes he is also doing mankind a good deed. I would like to know why the pro-lifers aren't targeting the people who need to be targeted in this sad state of affairs: the human animal. What happened to personal responsibility in taking steps to ensure that a baby that isn't wanted isn't created in the first place? Why aren't pro-lifers taking their message to the ones who need it -- all boys and girls and men and women of child-bearing age who want to have sex but don't want the consequences of children? It's called birth control, and if that is also considered murder by these folks, then preach abstinence. Murdering one abortionist doctor is not the answer to solving the problem of irresponsible sexual behavior. In fact, if these people are so against murder in the first place, what is it they call this recent abomination in a church?

Cyndy Myers




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