Waterboarding helped protect nation

Why is waterboarding, which has not been used in years, an issue today? Because the left in this country continues to hate George Bush, and it suits the current administration to stoke the flames.


In the context of 9-11, with little information available, we were rightly concerned about what comes next. We were and still are fighting a vicious enemy who believes the end justifies the means, and the more bodies the better. Post-9-11, waterboarding was an effective method to extract the information we needed to protect our country. We should all remember and give thanks that we have not had a homeland attack in more than eight years.

Should we be willy-nilly about using any form of enhanced interrogation? Of course not. This is why the courts were involved and leaders in both parties were informed. However, as the effect of 9-11 fades in our memory and politics is always fresh, some of our fair-weather leaders are running away from the position they took back then. How convenient.

The question we should all think about, and our President should answer, is: If we have an imminent threat against the United States but we don't have the details we need to protect our country, should we use some sort of enhanced interrogation to get those details?

If the answer is no, then the president needs to level with the American people and tell us not what he doesn't like but what exactly he does like, and what he would do to protect us.

Tom Harris, North Augusta, S.C.