Has Ninth Amendment been forgotten?

"The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."


Everywhere I turn people are saying that they have their rights. Yes, but so does everyone else, and according to the Ninth Amendment your rights are no more important then the rights of others. Yes, I have freedom of speech, which allows me to write this letter without fear of getting punished by the government. But I cannot use that freedom to force The Augusta Chronicle to print it; they do it on their own, because either they like it or feel that at least some of the people who buy their paper will like it.

A few years ago a comic strip was taken out of many newspapers because the people who were buying the papers said they were going to cancel their subscriptions if the papers continued to run it. Some said that the papers were violating the comic's freedom of speech, but totally ignoring the fact the papers, and the people who purchased them, had the right to freedom of speech as well. ...

A musical group a few years ago said some pretty nasty things, and some of their former fans decided they would destroy CDs that they had purchased in protest. Some believed this was violating the band's freedom of speech; they did not go to jail, so their rights were not violated. If the people restricted their CD burning to CDs that they personally owned, they had the right to freedom of speech as well.

If we continue allowing certain people to interpret the Bill of Rights in a way that favors them and only them, it will not be long before our Constitution gives us no more freedom them the Soviet Union had decades ago. Even communists had the right to be Stalin's version of politically correct.

Wanda Zippler, North Augusta S.C.



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