America stands at important crossroads

This letter is dedicated to many Americans 50 years old or younger, and all our politicians and bureaucrats in the federal government.


The majority of you have disregarded history and believe that you, and America, are invincible. You believe the country does not need a sound financial base to survive. You believe you can spend your way out of debt. You have allowed other people (educators and the media, etc.) to establish moral standards for you and your children.

You believe the world is a safe place as long you have amicable relationships with all other nations. The rich believe that the government has a responsibility to look after the poor, as long as they are left alone. The poor believe the government has a moral obligation to support them and their families.

History tells us that people and governments repeat the same mistakes. History tells us that the world is not safe. There are more dictatorships than democracies. Mankind has a long way to go before the world becomes safe. America and other democracies must be prepared to sacrifice for years to come to make the world safe.

Every American needs to answer these questions: What if other nations refuse to honor our monetary debt? Can America survive? What if we do not have the resources to defend ourselves? What happens if the government cannot feed and cloth the poor? What if our politicians decide to do away with democracy in favor of a dictatorship? Do we honestly believe that a dictatorship cannot happen in America when world history shows otherwise?

We are at a defining moment as a free and independent nation. Considering how far we have deviated from democracy, it is doubtful that we alone can defeat our politicians. State governments, supported by all Americans, need to act as one voice to change this situation. State governments must demand their, and our, rights under the Constitution.

A.C. Forgay, North Augusta, S.C.



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