Don't believe the rampant fearmongers

The fearmongers are out in force and are using all types of propaganda to proclaim the Obama administration as incompetent, weak, un-American, Marxist and socialist. They also are frightening some Americans by telling them Obama will confiscate their guns; thus, we are having a run on guns and ammunition.


Some Republicans have endorsed the fearmongers, and are using the same tactics. Sooner or later, the hate groups will come out of the caves.

The tea parties, a strategy of the fearmongers, were formed to frighten us about the national debt, higher taxes and the theft of our country. It is very strange that many of those who protested were in the income level whose taxes were lowered. The tea parties were promoted by Dick Armey, a former Republican House majority leader, and conservative talk-show pundits. Armey is now a big-money lobbyist.

Also, former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is making tons of money lobbying for the health care industry and pharmaceutical companies. Come June when the Obama administration will take up the health care issue, Gingrich will be spreading fear about all Americans having access to health care.

We don't need fear. We need action.

Fearmongering has become a big industry, and some people are becoming wealthy spreading terror. Will Obama's recovery plan stimulate the economy? At least I hope. It is a plan in place, and we all need to support it for the welfare of our nation and each one of us.

The Republicans failed to present a plan and all they did was to say no to the opposing party's plan. Yes, the Republicans will lose out if they continue down the fearmongering path. They need to rid themselves of some fanatics, radical agendas and sectionalism, and return to their roots.

Some true Republicans have stated recently that the Cotton South will ultimately kill the Republican Party.

Tracy E. Williams Jr.




Sat, 12/16/2017 - 20:23

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