Ballpark plan not fully thought through

Something is just too fishy about Cal Ripken and Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver pushing relentlessly for a downtown baseball stadium. The present stadium is well-built, beautiful and in a lovely natural setting overlooking Lake Olmstead.

What cries out for a new building downtown is a state-of-the-art center for the performing arts, and a new space for the Morris Museum to display its vast and varied collection. When industries look at a new town to locate in they always look for a performing arts center. That is what brings people downtown to frequent restaurants and shops. Most major cities that have downtown baseball stadiums had the arts center and museums first!

In times of financial hardship, don't borrow money for something that we already have. And if land for this venture is to be given away, shouldn't such a decision be put before the people?

Harriet Dolin, Augusta



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