It's time to take our country back

On April 15, for the first time in my 62 years, I attended a "Tea Party" to show my concern over taxes in this country now and in the future.


I was only one of more than 2,000 who showed up at the Jessye Norman Amphitheater at Riverwalk Augusta. Present at this rally were the very young and the very old; business people and folks out of work; Democrats and Republicans; veterans and wounded warriors; housewives and women working outside the family home; the wealthy and the poor.

They all had the same purpose and drive: to serve notice on this current crop of politicians that "we the people" have reached the breaking point, and that "we the people" are going to see that things change concerning our hard-earned money, or we will change it for them.

These arrogant, conceited and corrupt politicians have stolen the financial futures of our children and their children. They have neither the ethical nor the moral right to do what they have done. "We the people" have now served notice all across America -- my America and your America.

We must now stand together and keep the pressure on this sorry lot until we can throw them out of office next year, and that is what we need to do! We the people need to send a message. The message should be that we will no longer react to what you say; we will react to what you do!

We need to take the word "professional" out of the political realm. If they won't vote in term limits, then we should enforce them through the ballot box! No more professional politicians! No favorites; no turf-guarding. Just vote them out after a couple terms -- all of them!

Let's take our government back! On April 15, I saw my America, and I was proud!

Rick Tuchscherer