Where's compassion toward others?

In reply to Lida Bellmer's letter ("Revolution against liberals is brewing," April 13), Ms. Bellmer is wrong on a couple of points.


First, President Obama has not tried to break the "spirit" of America but has instead tried to revitalize the sense of pride in the United States that the last president did his best to destroy in his quest of power.

Ms. Bellmer also is wrong about a revolution brewing. There already has been a revolution. It was called the election, where more than two-thirds of the electorate spoke loudly and clearly.

I notice that Ms. Bellmer lacks compassion toward people who made bad choices in buying a home. In her last line, Ms. Bellmer states that liberals "want to give anybody something for nothing." Since Easter has just passed, I want to ask Ms. Bellmer: Did not God give you something for nothing? Did Jesus say to give compassion and mercy only to these people, and not those people? Of course not. He said to love all men as your brothers.

There is no doubt that our country is going through hard times, but if we unite as a country and forget our political differences, then we can bring back the United States, and we can do great things for our country. I'm willing to try; how about you?

I was taught not to judge people, but it seems to me that Ms. Bellmer and people like her already have judged President Obama and given up on America. Shame on you!

Jay Collett