Revolution against liberals is brewing

President Barack Obama cannot kill the spirit of America.


Obama said everybody has to pay taxes because everybody's got to have some skin in the game. Well, this is talking truth to welfare. The market votes every day, and it is speaking every day by going down. This is what Americans are thinking.

There is a revolution out there. Here are a few examples of what is happening across America that the media are not reporting.

There were protests in Denver against Obama on Tuesday, Feb. 17. Michelle Malkin and friends of hers led the protest.

Obama was protested in Mesa, Ariz., at Dobson High School, where his event to sign the ridiculous mortgage bailout took place. Students in advance placement class laughed at what Obama was saying, and they disagreed profoundly with what Obama said. These are high-school students.

On Feb. 17, Rick Santelli reported from the Chicago Board of Trade, berating Obama for his handling of the economy.

Let me give you a brief overview of the parameters of the Obama housing plan. The cost of this plan is $75 billion. There are two groups of homeowners that are being looked at by the plan.

The first group is made up of people who cannot afford their mortgages and have fallen behind on their monthly payments.

Many of the people here in Group 1 took out loans they were never going to be able to afford. That means somebody knew from Day 1 they were never going to be able to pay back the loans. This first group comprises about 3 million people.

The second group is larger. It is made up of about 10 million households. They can afford their monthly payments, but their houses are worth less than what is owed on their mortgages. If they want to stay in their homes, they will have no trouble doing so, but some may choose to walk out voluntarily rather than continue to make payments on an investment that may never pay off.

The responsible people in the second group are going to get nothing. Obama is going to bail out the first group. They have contributed directly to the misfortune of the second group. The 3 million who can't pay, who were never going to pay, are the ones getting bailed out.

That is typical Obama and liberalism. You award the losers but punish the achievers. Government will be the focus of all economic activity, and is going to pick the winners and the losers. If you are an achiever, you are the loser. You are going to pay for the bailout of all the losers who refuse to pay their bills.

Liberals want to create dependents. They want to give somebody something for nothing.

Lida Bellmer