There's much change, but little hope

Although he was truthful about being the most pro-death presidential candidate in history, Barack Obama already has surpassed Bill Clinton's record of lies.


Belatedly, many of his supporters, black and white, now realize that they should have waited for a black American citizen of good moral character with a solid sense of history to run for president -- one who believes in and would preserve the family (marriage of one man and one woman), our traditions, private property rights and the sanctity of life. These are essential pillars of a civilized free society.

Ideology is not about race. Everyone should regularly read the columns by black writers such as Star Parker, Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell, who genuinely love America and who believe that sound ideology chooses good vs. evil; natural law vs. moral relativism; freedom vs. slavery, a.k.a. free-market capitalism vs. fascism, socialism and Marxism; national survival and sovereignty vs. globalism and one-world government. America is being systematically and ruthlessly destroyed by Emperor Obama and his Ivy League accomplices.

Obama's promotion of class envy and hatred, a la Bill Ayers, to advance his totalitarian quest is shameful. I agree with the criticism of excessive spending under George W. Bush and his opening of the bailout door, but Obama's reckless spending and borrowing -- essentially printing devalued dollars -- will cause inflation more disastrous than Jimmy Carter's. Unless you missed Economics 101, you know that inflation is the cruelest, most regressive "tax" that disproportionately injures the poor.

Will our people, like those in Germany who were mesmerized by the silver-tongued Adolf Hitler, continue to march like lemmings in slavish, adoring lockstep while our Constitution, economy and personal liberty are thrown into the oven? Or will they seek constructive change and restore real hope by tossing Obama and his comrades out in 2010 and 2012?

Paul W. Rosenthal