U.S. grows more business-unfriendly

I have read several letters, rants, etc. in which socialists have invited all those who disagree with the liberal socialist agenda to leave the country.


Little do they apparently know that not only are Americans leaving the country, but so are jobs -- as corporations fed up with high taxes, silly burdens such as the Family Leave Act and environmental restrictions applied without sensible data, are transferring their corporate headquarters to corporation-friendly countries.

Manufacturing jobs are going out of the country en masse . nations such as China have cut corporate taxes, are building nuclear power plants and have no "carbon footprint" taxes that will strangle U.S. utilities. Ever notice where all our goods are manufactured?

Don't worry, though. The hard-working, enterprising U.S. citizens and corporations are being replaced by millions of druggie, handout-seeking illegals.

Be careful what you wish for -- you just might get it.

Allen W. Johnson




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