Country needs to get right with God

You hardly can look at a newspaper or turn the television on without seeing stories of doom and gloom. I am not saying the situation is not bad, but times have been worse.


I do not know where in the Constitution the president is given the authority to take over businesses or tell them what they can pay the employees. I would like to know when the people elected a dictator to lead this country down the road to socialism and communism.

We as Americans have brought on all these problems by the way we have left God out of our everyday lives. There are so many other things that have replaced the one true God in America. If my memory serves me correctly, I believe idolatry, sports, homosexuality and high taxes were part of the reason for the downfall of the Roman Empire.

God has been kicked out of the schools by not allowing Bible-reading and prayer in the schools. By endorsing homosexual marriages and abortions of million of babies per year, we have invited the judgment of God upon us. I am aware everyone has not left Him out, but we are all guilty of sitting still and letting it happen.

Today you hardly ever hear a sermon on sin, judgment and hell. The preachers want to make people feel good about themselves.

It is time for everyone, especially the church world, to get before God, confess our lethargy, ask for His forgiveness and ask Him to help us wake up, and take a stand for him. Also, we need to get back to the Bible for ourselves, really study it and not just take the preachers' word for what it says.

We can be victorious, but our help has to come from God and not the government.

Don Matthews




Sat, 11/18/2017 - 22:59

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