Don't cash in on specious disabilities

I've never begrudged anyone with a true disability his or her right to draw a check from the government. However, today it seems as if the system has been so corrupted and brainwashed by the left-wing liberals that the definition of "disability" has grown to include the ordinary and the mundane.


I speak of anxiety, back pain, depression, bad knees and all the other lame "maladies" that people have come up with to make claim for "free" money, or to give them an excuse not to get up in the morning and go to work. These type of complaints are not disabilities; they are just the side-effects of everyday living in America and in the uncertain modern age.

They should not preclude anyone from finding employment or holding down a job, because guess what: There are, thank God, millions of people across America who suffer from bad backs, bad knees, anxiety, depression, bad moods, bad blood sugar and a host of other so-called "disabilities" and they go to work . They are not lying around the house, moaning and groaning and expecting everyone else to pay their way because they just don't want to get up and do the right thing. It's so much easier to go to the mailbox every month and get that check than go find a job, right?

Before anyone gets upset, I realize that some back injuries are severe, so I am not speaking of these, or those with deep-seated psychological problems requiring institutionalization and major pharmaceutical therapy. ...

Another culprit to the SSI system are those parents who collect checks for their kiddies with attention deficit disorder and other such silliness that has been deemed by the great liberal god a reason for monetary remuneration in the form of public tax dollars.

It is no wonder today America is in the straits it is in, and no little wonder that we are witnessing the demise of a once-great nation.

Cyndy Myers




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