New Fisher House will help veterans

I am asking all veterans in the CSRA to help with getting the rest of the funds for the Fisher House to be built at the Charlie Norwood Veterans Administration Medical Center on Wrightsboro Road.


Fisher House provides a place to stay for the families of patients receiving prolonged medical care. We have only one Fisher House at Fort Gordon, and it has only seven bedrooms. With the Charlie Norwood VAMC as a leader in rehabilitation and therapy for our soldiers returning from Iraq, the Fisher House at Fort Gordon is not large enough to take care of the demand for the soldiers' and veterans' families.

Laurie Ott and former U.S. Rep. Doug Barnard need our help in raising the remaining funds for a Fisher House to be built at the Charlie Norwood VAMC. Our brave men and women in the military put their lives on the line every day so we can be free. Now is the time to repay these brave men and women for the sacrifices they made so we can enjoy and value our freedom we so cherish today.

The CSRA must support this new Fisher House to show our continuous support and dedication to the brave people who have sacrificed so much and ask so little. With the recent economy, I know a lot of people are on fixed incomes, so all I am asking is for people to donate what they can afford. Remember, every donation, large or small, will help our community show our brave soldiers and veterans that we are here to support them and their families.

Please make checks payable to the Augusta VA Fisher House, P.O. Box 31358, Augusta, GA 30903.

Willie Davis Jr.


(The writer is the chief of staff for the Disabled American Veterans, Department of Georgia.)