Limbaugh fans are too blinded by hate

Rush Limbaugh, and those who agree with him, are plain stupid.

They do not have the sense to realize we are all on the same ship called the United States. The ship is taking on water and sinking fast. The president, our captain, is trying to keep the ship from sinking by bailing water and repairing the leaks. Instead of closing ranks and providing assistance to the president, Rush Limbaugh and his toady followers are idly standing by criticizing the president's bailing technique and leak repair. They are chanting, "We hope you fail; we hope you fail."

Rush Limbaugh and his chorus of conservative toadies are too hate-filled to realize that if the ship sinks, so do they. They would rather drown than to see a president of color clean up the mess left by their idol George W. Bush.

Kevin Palmer




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